Pictures: Kevin Federline Becomes a Baby Daddy for the 5th Time


Former dancer and unemployed dad Kevin Federline celebrated his fifth child, this one with girlfriend Victoria Prince. The parents recently strolled around Santa Barbara, California with their newborn daughter Jordan Kay.

The couple walked from their hotel and down to the beach boardwalk where they cuddled together with their baby girl and watched the sun set. Then they went into town and browsed a baby boutique.

Victoria, a pro-volleyball player, appeared to have bounced back to her pre-baby body. Stay-at-home dad Federline has been with Victoria for two years. This is their first child together.

Federline also fathered two children with Britney Spears and two more children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

Asked whether he was planning to marry the latest mother of his offspring, Federline said: "I do want to get married. But I will wait until I have the courage to propose."

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