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Pictures: Is Katy Perry Pregnant or Just Bloated?

Katy Perry, 27, was photographed at the MTV EMA show recently, sporting what appears to be a baby bump.

Is Katy preggers or just bloated from enjoying all her English baked beans and meat pies?

Perry certainly appears to have a larger mid-section than normal in her recent photos, but the singer blames her stomach bloat on food.

That pink-haired singer recently said, “I love coming to London so I can have baked beans on toast. They do bloat me and I’m afraid I’m going to go off like a firework, but I do love them.”

Perry also tweeted,  “FINALLY! Beloved ENGLAND! 1st thing I did was stuff me gob (my mouth) w/some yorkshire puddings & meat pies from Silversmiths in Sheffield. Ah bless…”

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Do you think Katy is putting on weight while gorging on tasty treats from her hubby’s homeland or do you think she has a bun in the oven?

Katy and Russell Brand married in October 2010.

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