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Picture: Rihanna Hospitalized Due to Exhaustion and Dehydration

Rihanna was hospitalized yesterday for what is being called “exhaustion” and “dehydration!”

Apparently, the singer was rushed to a hospital in New York after a night of hard partying at the Met Gala.

How crazy does it get at the Met Gala? Isn’t that supposed to be classy?

Anyways, Rihanna confirmed the hospital stay when she tweeted a picture of herself with an ivy in her arm (below).

After a short stay at the hospital, doctors released Rihanna and she flew back to her Los Angeles home.

She obviously isn’t doing well this week.

On Saturday the “Talk That Talk” singer didn’t show up for rehearsals for her Saturday Night Live performance due to exhaustion and the flu.

Exhaustion and dehydration… hmm I think it’s called drinking water and a nap.

Slow it down Riri!

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