Picture: Nancy Grace Without Make-Up, Felony or Misdemeanor?


51-year-old former prosecutor Nancy Grace was caught in the act of not wearing make-up as she left for her dance lesson (with partner Tristan MacManus) on the TV show 'Dancing with the Stars.'

She was dressed in a pink top, leggings and trainers, but later emerged with her hair and make-up done and dance shoes on.

It hasn't been an easy gig for the outspoken HLN host: "I'm used to doing battle in court and my feet have never really been an issue. Let me tell you, yesterday I had to bandage up my feet."

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Speaking about her rehearsals, she added: "They're long and they're arduous, I'm just trying to keep up."

The usually hot-tempered Grace has been calm about her controversial dance rival Chaz Bono: "I'm not getting involved. Unless it's got crime tape around it, I don't care. I just don't think it's our business to be judging other people for their personal decisions. Unless Chaz commits a felony, I don't have a problem. I met Chaz, he's an absolutely lovely person and I'm just waiting to see how he dances."


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