Picture: Miley Cyrus Goes Blonde

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Miley Cyrus is growing up and changing things up drastically. First she lost weight and toned herself up in a major way and now Liam Hemsworth'sfiance has gone blonde. She tweeted this picture of her to her fans yesterday saying: 'Now that I've gone blonde, I've gotta give duck lips in every photo'. She's really turning into a very attractive young girl and growing up before our very eyes. Do you like her with blonde hair? 

No word on when they plan to tie the knot, but rumors hit the web this weekend that the 19 year old  singer and actress wants to make babies with  22 year old Liam SOON. As in there may be a shot gun wedding in the works. Personally, I don't believe she's pregnant already (although what the hell do I know) but if that rumor is true I can't imagine what the hurry is about.  She's got plenty of time.


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