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Picture: Megan Fox's Sexy Sharper Image Ad

Based on the new advertising campaign for Sharper Image, it’s hard to tell  if the company is selling electronics or sex.

Laying on a bed with a brand name alarm clock in the background, holding some sort of tablet,  dressed in thigh high stockings and an open white shirt, something tells me the most alluring part of the advertisement is Megan Fox.

Sharper Image, best known for its innovative, tech-related products announced today the actress as the new face of the iconic brand. The brand released a photo as a sneak peek at Fox’s first Sharper Image campaign, which will debut later this year.

Rumors of Fox being pregnant have been rampant over the last few weeks.  The photo may be from a while ago – only time will tell.

Does the photo make you want to run out and purchase something from their store or maybe you have something else in mind?


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