Picture: Lindsay Lohan Shows Nipples in Photo Shoot

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Terry Richardson took some more pictures of Lindsay Lohan wearing very little clothing in a room in LA's fabulous Chateau Marmont hotel. As you may have guessed, it's these exact pictures we've put in the gallery above. We have no idea why he would do such a thing to the poor, naive, innocent girl, but we're going to take full advantage.

So yes, it's black and white pictures of Lindsay Lohan in a see-through bra, in a hotel room, with a gun in her mouth. Sounds more like something we'd expect to see a few years from now, but luckily she's still breathing in these ones. LUCKILY.

On a slightly jollier note, we can't wait to see Liz and Dick. We're sure it's going to be amazing. Like Herbie, but even better.


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