Picture: Lindsay Lohan on the Set of 'Liz & Dick'

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You have to admit…this pic looks right.

Is it okay if I feel a little pity for Lindsay Lohan? If she’s truly trying to get her life and her career back on track, it’s a shame she’s chosen as her first project a biography of Elizabeth Taylor. Not only do the usual haters want her to fail, but she’s got legions of Taylor fans who  a) didn’t want her anywhere near the part in the first place b) don’t really want anyone near the part c) are looking for the slightest flaw in either her appearance or her performance and are ready to pounce, the interwebz at their service.

That’s a lot of pressure for someone with as fragile a psyche as la Lohan has.

Personally, I think the project, “Liz & Dick,” in which Lindz plays Taylor during her tumultuous relationship with the love of her life, Richard Burton (played by the only actor desperate enough to take on the role, Aussie Grant Bowler), is doomed, but not necessarily because of Lohan’s involvement.

The fact that this is a Lifetime made-for-cable movie is, to me, the kiss of death. The subject (or subjects) involved are too big for a tv movie. If it were to be done right, it would have to be either on the big screen or if it must be for television, it should be for a channel with cinematic production values like HBO (or as a mini-series so that there could be some justice done to these people’s enormous lives) .The fact that they signed someone like Lohan, who has to be carrying massive amounts of insurance, also smacks of desperation.  Perhaps the producers see the baggage that she comes with as giving her the gravitas needed to play an icon like Elizabeth Taylor.  No doubt they wanted the attendant publicity her casting ensures.

As for the actress herself, who at one time was thought to hold a lot of promise, if she makes it through this shoot, with every frame of paparazzi footage being analyzed with spectrascopes for missteps, she might still have a future.  That may be the best she can hope for out of this train-wreck in progress.


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