Picture: Lindsay Lohan Hangs out with Lady Gaga


Um what the… why is Lady Gaga tweeting Lindsay Lohan?

Gaga was hanging with friends last night at the Chateau Marmonthotel in Los Angeles, California and apparently she made a friend.

The Edge of Glory singer is taking a break from her Born This Way Ball tour and arrived in the states just a couple days ago.

So apparently while Gaga was hanging at the Chateau’s bar she ran into Miss Lindsay (who basically lives at the hotel) and they hit it off.

Lady Gaga tweeted to Lindsay saying:

To which Lindsay responded (obviously trying not to seem too desperate), “‪#skinnysnack1‬ @ladygaga hahaha”

Gaga then tweeted a photo of a cucumber with a knife through it and said, “@lindsaylohan how much could one do with this arrangement”

This is fun and all, but there is more important news than Lindsay at the moment…

Later in the night, Gaga tweeted the top photo of herself and Jonas Akerlund, the director of her amazing Paparazzi and Telephone music videos!

Could this be a clue that the two will be working on a new music together?

Are you excited for Lady Gaga’s next single/music video? Are you not loving her new love fest with Lindsay Lohan?

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