Picture: Liberty Ross Slams Kristen Stewart Via Instagram

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Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson with the married director, Rupert Sanders.

There is a photo that has emerged on instagram that is said to be from LibertyRoss’ account. There has been no confirmation (or denial from her people) but the photo is causing quite a stir. The photo is of Snow White (Stewart played Snow White in the movie, Snow White and the Huntsmen) chugging a bottle and looking disheveled. Under the photo there is a message that states,

‘Not so pretty or so pure afterall’

On July 23, Ross retweeted a Marilyn Monroe quote from the Women of History account saying, “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Since Ross’ instagram account is now set to private, there is a good chance she did post the photo. What do you think?


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