Picture: Emma Watson Exposes Nipple at Movie Premiere

Ok, we're going to level with you. The main reason we've posted these pictures up is to let you know that despite all the 'news' stories floating around about Emma Watson and her unsafe search terms (if you know what we mean) you can always rely on Holy Moly not to fill your computer with electronic cancer when all you're looking for is a little mid-morning post-Potter Hermione nudity.

Unfortunately, the price you have to pay for that kind of peace of mind is that, as you can see, there's not really any nudity, just the suggestion of nakedness. But, in today's difficult economy can you afford to turn down suggestions? Are you so wealthy of tit that you don't even need to glance at Emma Watson's ünterboob? Are you wondering why no-one makes dresses that require underwear anymore? WELL YOU'RE RIGHT ON ALL ACCOUNTS.

However, gluey niple pasties aside, the below pic is from Watson's new film, The Perks of Being in Harry Potter, and we wish her and her film all the very best. We almost certainly won't be watching it based on the name alone, but we don't want that to stop any of you watching it and suporting a very worthy cause. Here's the trailer if you're still interested.

Incidentally, for those of you who arrived here one-handedly (WELCOME, FRIENDS!) perhaps this is what you're actually looking for.... Emma Watson photoshopped nakedness


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