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Picture: Brandi Glanville Gets Drunk and Married in Vegas

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Brandi Glanville, 38, married MMA managager Darin Harvey over the weekend.

Brandi, whose ex-husband Eddie Cibrian left her for squinty-eyed country singer LeAnn Rimes, tied the knot in Las Vegas on a drunken night out.

“[We're] married!” Brandi said. “But to make it legal, I have to go to the courthouse today and I don’t think we’re gonna. Super fun though!”

“We’re not gonna stay married,” Brandi clarified. “But it was a fun way to start out the new year!”

The former model tweeted to her fans on Sunday, writing, “I’m married again- suuuuuuck it!”

The newlyweds celebrated the nuptials by visiting the strip joint, Spearmint Rhino. “Honeymoons with strippers are the best!” Glanville tweeted.

Glanville tweeted, “After some beer and strippers he is now my husband. No joke!”

Harvey called the quickie wedding, “a drunken BFF thing.” He told his Twitter followers, “I had a crazy Vegas moment. Getting annulled tomorrow.”

An insider close to Brandi said the reality star has been friends with Darin for about 20 years and are “like brother and sister.”

“They’ve never hooked up,” said the source. “He came along with her to Vegas and they both got really drunk and thought it was a good idea at the time to get married… They kissed for the cameras and that was it. There’s nothing romantically there.”


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