Picture: Aubrey O'Day Flies First Class with her Dogs as "Emotional Support Animals"

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Aubrey O'Day may need some help when it comes to flying and, yes, she gets said help from her dogs whom she takes on flights with her. Did we mention they all fly first class?!

Now, you're probably wondering how she can do that? Very simple, she claims that the dogs are registered as "Emotional Support Animals." Yup!!

Via TMZ:

So how does one get emotional support animal clearance? Ya gotta have a doctor write a letter ... stating you have mental issues.

O'Day tweeted pics of the dogs enjoying themselves on the flight to San Francisco ... and the V.A. rep tells us she was "incredibly sweet and polite" ... and nothing short of a "great guest."

Something tells us she needs more than her dogs for "emotional support." Just saying...

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