Picture: Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked for Ellen DeGeneres


Set your TiVo’s, PVR’s, DVR’s whatever you can for Monday’s Ellen DeGeneres shows bitches because Ashton Kutcher is getting naked! That’s right. This is not a wardrobe malfunction.

Monday marks season 9 of the fabulous Ellen DeGeneres show and it’s all about the Fall previews and in particular the new Two and A Half Men in which Ashton Kutcher now stars.

Ellen asks him if he’s ready for the new show and he responds:

 ”I’m ready. This is it.”

“Have you seen the ad for the show (Two and a Half Men)…? It’s getting a lot of attention. So I just figured I’m going to do everything nude from now on… Whatever I’m doing I’m just going to do it nude. Let’s do this.”

This is like the happiest day of my life. Will you be watching Ellen DeGeneres on Monday? Sure his privates are pixelated but it’s something! I’m totally loving Ashton with the hairy face and long hair. It’s kind of caveman like. Mommy likes.


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