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Photos, Video of Paul Walker Crash Revealed (Video)

Pictures of “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker’s death have finally filtered out onto the Internet, after he died tragically in a fiery car crash Saturday.

Walker was killed in Santa Clara during a car show to benefit relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan. He was riding in his new Porsche GT when he crashed.

The car immediately went up in flames after impact, killing Walker and another unidentified person. Spectators allegedly recognized Walker and  attempted to pull him from the burning car. Others stood back to takes pictures or video of the wreck.

Antonio Holmes, a friend of Walker’s, recalled a group grabbing fire extinguishers and running to the car.

“We tried. We tried,” Holmes said. “We went through fire extinguishers.”

In photos of the scene, fire fighters rushed to put out the fire. It is clear from the images that those in the car could not have survived.

A supposed video of the crash was also released on Youtube under the username ChiMotorTrend. Though there has been no formal verification that the video is real, the scene matches the pictures that were released.

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Sources: Inquisitir, Perez Hilton


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