Photos: Russell Brand Helps Man on Drugs in LA

Talking of celebrities helping others, here’s one doing something that I believe was not for the benefit of the paps, or their image.

As Russell Brand left his daily yoga class in LA on Thursday he was confronted by this man- who had been rolling around in the park, clearly high on something and in distress.

It would have been all too easy to hop into his 4×4 and pretend he hadn’t seen him, but the recovering drug and alcoholic immediately fetched him a bottle of water from his car and a t-shirt and upon further consideration, drove him an an AA meeting.From what I learned from reading Anthony Keidis’s book, Scar Tissue, that’s what recovery’s about- hence the Red Hot Chili Peppers song: ‘Give it Away’, which is partly the basis behind ‘what you learn in recovery you have to keep passing on to others to keep gleaning the benefits yourself’.

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In other words: Recovery is about doing a series of small, altruistic gestures to benefit others continually, whether that be turning up early for an AA meeting and setting out the chairs and getting the coffee and biccies ready, or giving someone on the other side of town a lift to the meeting who wouldn’t be otherwise able to get there themselves.This is my issue with Angelina Jolie, herself a recovering heroin addict, and her grand gestures and posturing in war-torn areas.

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Yes, it’s good she cares and is trying to draw attention to these places and their problems but, in the great scheme of things, does anyone really give a sh-t and is it driven by a need to draw positive attention to herself?

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Meanwhile, all of us can help a homeless person who’s clearly suffering and in need of some compassion rather than cross over the road.So whilst I believe he wasn’t actually trying to set an example, rather he was just acting from the heart, I’ll take Brand’s school of humanitarianism over Jolie’s any day of the week, because it just seems so much less contrived and more from the heart.

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