Photos: Michael Jackson's Family Photo Album on Auction Block


It's been almost three years since the King of Pop passed away, and his personal possessions are still surfacing, many of which fetch huge sums at auction.

The latest discovery is perhaps the most fascinating, for it sheds a rare light on the private life of the Jackson family. The never-before-seen family photo album includes shots of relatives and friends all dating back to the 1970s. It provides a unique perspective on a life lived almost entirely in the public square. Many of the people shown in the book's myriad images are not famous, and without a Jackson family member as a willing guide these mystery shots may never be identified.

The book itself is bound in a plain, unglamorous cover and looks just like the family photo album your grandmother probably keeps under her coffee table. It was discovered along with a massive collection of items that Jackson stashed in a storage locker in the late 90s.

A British collector bought the album in 2009 and now plans to sell it at Peacocks Auctioneers in Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK. The lot has a starting price of just £3,000.

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