Photos: Celebrity Planking - Chris Brown, Katy Perry Join Craze


Katy Perry is just the latest celebrity to get involved with the new internet craze, Planking.

Perry posted the following photo, showing her lying face down with her arms and legs outstretched on top of a boat, along with the description, “#plankingonthe4th”

Fan’s were quick to chastise her bad form. One Twitter fan said: “You’re doing it wrong! Legs and head down, hands by your side!”

The controversial game sees participants taking photographs of themselves, lying still like a plank of wood in unusual locations. It has taken the web by storm in recent months.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have both started planking.

Chris posted a photo of himself planking on some shelving unit, with the caption, “Plank!!!”.

And Justin posted a photo of himself planking on a yacht, with the caption “Me and @Diggy_Simmons #plankin #schwag”

Ellen Page has posted multiple photos of herself planking. The “Juno” star has devoted a series of Facebook photo albums to what she calls “The Lying Down Game,” in which she and her friends plank in various locales.

Gordon Ramsay posted a picture of himself planking on the back of a boat.

The staff of “The Today Show” did a little planking in their office.

Demi Moore took ‘planking’ to another level, writing in a post on Twitter, “Happy Independence Day! Chk @aplusk down in the chute with the cowboys! Now if I could just find a place to go planking!”

Looks like she already did!

Unfortunately the craze hit the headlines after a 20-year-old Australian man died in Brisbane after “planking” on a balcony.

For those worried about the dangers of planking, actress Kristen Bell advocated practicing the stunt responsibly. In a picture posted to Twitter, she posed on a staircase railing relatively low to the ground to minimize risk.

“When done safely its way more fun than smiling 4 the camera,” Bell advised.

Have you planked?

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