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Photos: Bob Hope's $50 Million House Up for Sale

Bob Hope’s famous Palm Springs mansion is on the market for $50 million.

With its sleek curves and dark tones, many think the home looks like it’s from the future.

It was Hope’s most famous property. He had a passion for architecture and made the home to his liking.

The home was designed by Modern architect John Lautner for Hope and his wife Dolores to live in.

Made of concrete, steel and glass, it was built in 1979 and has around 22,000 square feet of living space. The design is similar to that of the USS Enterprise.

It’s the first time the house has been on the market, so the new residents will be the only ones aside from Hope and his wife to live there.

It sits on the San Jacinto mountain, overlooking Coachella Valley. The curving copper “mushroom” roof resembles the shape of other mountains nearby.

Everything in the house was customized for Hope’s preferences, including a pool shaped in his profile.

The giant home has six bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. It also has a large boulder jutting out of the floor of the living room.

He decorated the house with murals done by artist Garth Benton, who has his work featured at the Malibu Getty.

The outdoor space may be the most beautiful part of the house, as it features a pool, pond, tennis court and outdoor fireplace.

He and his wife lived long lives, as he died at 100 in 2003 and she died at 102 in 2011. They married in 1934.

Hope’s comedic career took him all over the world and allowed him to mingle with presidents and celebrities.

His success led him to be often cited as the biggest private landowner in California.

In 2012, his daughter Linda sold their Toluca Lake residence and also sold some of their belongings in a garage sale.

Though the house is gorgeous and full of intricate detail, Lautner was angered by its design, as he said the couple interfered too much in the design process.

In later years, he distanced himself from the property as he said it was inappropriately furnished.


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