Photo: Robert Pattinson's Wacky New Haircut


Brace yourselves Twi-hards and R-Pattz fans – Robert Pattinson‘s locks have been given a serious makeover.

He’s loved the world over for his foppish good looks and head of fine hair, but fans are in for a bit of a surprise with his latest do.

The 25-year-old Twilight hottie signed autographs for fans in Toronto, Canada, early on Friday morning, after finishing a day’s shooting on new flick, Cosmopolis.

Exactly. The barmy new barnet is all in the name of art.

In Cosmopolis, based on author Don Delillo‘s acclaimed novel, Pattinson plays billionaire Eric Packer – who spends the entire film trying to get across Manhattan to have his hair cut. In one particular scene Pattinson’s character has a freak out during a haircut, bolting it from the barbershop before his snip is complete.

Check out Pattinson’s new hairdo here.

You likey?


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