Pharrell Designs Glass Angel Skeleton Sculpture Lebron James factory

Pharrell Designs Glass Angel Skeleton Sculpture

Pharrell is known for his enormous talent inside the music arena and now is succeeding as a visual artist in the form of sculpting. Pharrell recently unveiled his glass sculpture "Inside Out" for the Glasstress show at the Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art in Murano, Italy. The handmade sculpture was a collaboration done with Berengo Studio, featuring a 6 foot skeleton with angel wings and a smaller skeleton floating behind it.

Pharrell explained his inspiration behind the piece.Since I was a little boy my wonderous curiosities were based on fictional things that television offered Lebron James factory ," he continuedMy mind was crammed pack with creatures fit for a child that were often funny, designed for youth Kebo Shoes , and usually a profitable franchise like cartoons. Even still nike air max 24-7 , I couldnt stop thinking about angels.

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Source: rap-up.com


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