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Peyman Moaadi To Star With Kristen Stewart In 'Camp X-Ray'

Kristen Stewart reportedly has a new leading man, Peyman Moaadi, and he will star alongside her in Camp X-Ray.

Moaadi will play the role of Ali, a man who has been imprisoned at Gitmo for eight years. Stewart will play a young woman that joins the military to escape her small, hometown. She hopes to be stationed in Iraq, but instead ends up in Guatanamo Bay, where the Muslim men abuse her. Moaadi and Stewart forge a friendship in the movie.

Camp X-Ray is just one of the movies Stewart signed on to star in this year. She will also be playing in Sils Maria. Stewart reportedly is throwing herself back into work following her split with Robert Pattinson.

Moaadi will next be seen in The Last Knights with Morgan Freeman and Criminal Justice with James Gandolfini. However, Criminal Justice is now in limbo following Gandolfini's death.


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