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Petition to Deport Justin Bieber Heads to White House

An online petition that emerged from the White House’s We the People campaign has demanded that Justin Bieber be deported because of his reckless and destructive behavior.

The petition has earned over 100,000 signatures, which means the White House must respond to it.

"Every petition that crosses the threshold will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and receive a response," a White House spokesperson told Mashable.

The petition states that the United States has been wrongly represented in the world of pop culture at the hands of Bieber. It requests that he be reported and that his green card be revoked.

“We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society,” it reads.

It is unlikely that the White House will respond to the petition any time soon, considering a petition to remove the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show from ABC network received a response after three months of its eligibility.

In response to the petition, Bieber fans wrote a petition pleading with the White House to keep the star in the U.S.

Sources: Mashable, NBC News


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