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Peter Parker's Death in Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book Sparks Outrage

Peter Parker’s death in Amazing Spider-Man #700 has created controversy and even generated death threats against comic book writer Dan Slott.

Slott told ABC News: “This is an epic turn. I’ve been writing Spider-Man for 70-plus issues. Every now and then, you have to shake it up… The reason Spider-Man is one of the longest running characters is they always find a way to keep it fresh. Something to shake up the mix.”

In the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus exchange minds. Parker gets trapped inside of Doctor Octopus’ decaying body and dies, reports

Slott adds: “Gone are his days of villainy, but since it’s Doc Ock and he has that ego, he’s not going to try and just be Spider-Man, he’s going to try to be the best Spider-Man ever.”

A new series Superior Spider-Man #1 will go on sale January 9. Marvel Comics is apparently doing what its rival DC Comics did in 2012, ending its comic books and starting over at #1 issues to help sluggish sales.

Amazing Spider-Man editor Stephen Wacker said: “[Parker’s] life is still important to the book because it affects everything that Doctor Octopus does as Spider-Man… Because Doctor Octopus knows all of [Parker’s memories and] will make decisions on what he saw Peter going through. In a way, he gets the ultimate victory as he becomes a better hero.”


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