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Rocker Pete Doherty Arrested for Drugs for 21st Time

You would think that a person who has had 20 previous drug charges and six convictions for driving offenses would be bothered about facing drug charge #21. But this is Pete Doherty we are talking about here. The guy who has more lives then the cats he smokes with was charged with coke possession stemming from an arrest into the death of filmmaker and former roommate Robin Whitehead.

When the idiot known as Pete Doherty was arrested in connection with her death, he brought coke with him to the police station. Originally he was charged with supplying drugs, but the charge has been reduced to simple possession. So, even though he brought drugs into a police station and is facing charge #21 of his life, it is not expected he will serve any jail time for the offense. Just like all the others.


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