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Tuesday Night Video: American Idol Performs Frank Sinatra

The night started with an offering by the two daughters of Frank Sinatra. The ladies, who reminded me of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, gave Simon a monogrammed hanky. I found it odd because I doubt that Cowell has ever shed a tear and probably has a sneeze handler on call to wipe any stray boogies.

Moving along…Aaron Kelly will be going home. We should just pack it up now and save ourselves some time. Despite having Harry Connick Jr. mentoring and playing the piano, Aaron failed to step outside the karaoke corniness. Simon summed it up by saying: “If Frank was a lion, you were the mouse.”

Strike that. Casey James will be going home. Aaron may have savior in Casey’s disaster.

Casey tackled “Blue Skies” and it was unfortunate. He was out of his element and it was painfully obvious as he moved awkwardly around the stage while struggling with pitch. Aaron and Casey will be battling it out in the bottom tomorrow. Casey’s good looks might save him, but Aaron’s adorable puppy persona might be the pull he needs. On a totally non-related note….Ryan looks like a 12 year old boy standing next to Casey.

Enter Crystal Bowersox. Oh honey, this wasn’t her best performance but better than last week. She looked gorgeous in a black lacy gown, but clearly this was outside of her persona. Liked it, didn’t love it.

I was so looking forward to Big Mike’s performance. This is his playground. He delivered on the iconic tune, “The Way You Look Tonight.” Judges loved it and so did the audience who Randy had to fight to get his comments in. Randy proclaimed him the winner. Smooth. That is what everyone else seemed to miss in the Sinatra tunes.

Lee Dewyze took the stage last. I don’t envy him following Big Mike. He even took on “That’s Life.” Pleasantly surprised, he gave what the judges deemed the best performance of the night. I agree!

from Allie is Wired.


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