Perez Hilton Tweets to Fans: Unfollow Britney Spears, Follow Lady Gaga


Perez Hilton was under pop princess Britney Spears’ employ for her Circus tour and since, he’s seemingly taken it easy on her. Last night, it was a completely different story.

Britney currently has 5,526,452 followers on Twitter, with Lady Gaga following closely at 5,402,336. So, to get Gaga to the top, the celebrity blogger will do anything — even telling fans to unfollow Britney!

He tweeted, “@LadyGaGa There’s a chance @LadyGaGa may surpass @BritneySpears as the most followed person on Twitter this week!”

Then, this gem, “@LadyGaGa I’m not saying to do this, but if you unfollow @BritneySpears, you’d help @LadyGaGa be #GaGaTwitterQueen”.

Umm…no. I will not be taking cues on what to do for any situation based on the opinion of this overweight hag who continues to berate children and disgust the human race.

I love Britney Spears and Lady Gaga’s music, but it sometimes sickens me that he likes her so much. You know what that means? It means that I have something in common with this waste of air. That makes me physically ill.

Will you unfollow Britney so that Gaga reigns as the Queen of Twitter? My answer? #unfollowperez 

Thanks to Poor Britney for the heads up!

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