Has Becoming "Nice" Hurt Perez Hilton's Web Traffic?

It seems like it was only yesterday he was in in the top 300..and his site has slid into the over-800 ranking this week on Internet ratings sites. Even Quantcast has removed viewing of his stats: the site says "Stats removed by owner" (cuz i would guess they don't want advertisers to see the rapidily declining site hits).

Even his much ballyhooed attempt at music promotion/management failed...the Garland kid he stuck on American Idol last year never took off, and has slowly faded back into obscurity when he tanked on iTunes and was hailed as the next big thing by the self-professed music promoter/management train wreck. Sad, cuz the kid was cute, but when the blogger said on "Idol" that he had "a better voice than Justin Timberlake," that sealed his fate. What person would go on national TV and bash a superstar? OOPS.

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Yep, I'd give my left foam rubber boob to be in the top 1000 sites, but when you go from the top 300 to where he is today, THAT'S A LOT OF HITS gone... and it don't look like its gonna get better.

Let's see how long he stays the nice guy...before he starts back being the snarkiest!


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