Perez Hilton Tricked by Made-Up James Franco Story

Perez Hilton isn’t the epitome of online journalism or reporting, so it’s hard to take anything he says as fact. Just take this recent story on James Franco and how he used Adderall to complete an entire book called “Palo Alto” in just one night.

Sure, it’s a book of short stories, but seriously?

The news came from a fake interview from Thought Catalog, who said, “Thought Catalog tried to interview Franco about his book, but quickly hit a wall. So we just decided to make one up.”

Perez, obviously without reading the story, ran with it, reporting it as fact. Being that Gossip Cop has a nasty vendetta against Mario, they posted this, “That’s right. Perez admonished Franco, based on a fake ‘interview.’ Who’s the joke on now?”

We badgered Tila Tequila over the same kind of reporting, but she’s still relatively new to the gossip game. Perez should know better. And Gossip Cop is there to let you know of his every mistake.

After being called out, Perez has taken down the posting in lieu of accurately reporting the facts.

If there was a “Wired Funny” category on this site, this would totally fit. What do you think?

source: Perez Hilton Tricked by Fake James Franco Interview - [gather]

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