People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman Is...

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What makes Beyonce beautiful? She’s gorgeous, she’s a music icon at the age of 30. She has the “new mom” glow. Beyonce speaks about motherhood in the issue from labor and delivery to breastfeeding to a lot more.

Jennifer Lopez was the Most Beautiful Woman in 2011, with Julia Roberts winning the title in 2010.

The motto of the 2012 issue is ‘Beauty is Timeless’ revealing woman of all ages that are beautiful.  From Blake Lively to Elle Macpherson, to J. Lo to Mary Steenburgen being included in the magazine – the magazine clearly demonstrates that ‘Beauty is Timeless.’

Also making it into the magazine’s 2012 Most Beautiful Woman issue is a couple of men including Blake Shelton and Bradley Cooper. Some other beautiful woman are Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Williams, Adele, Jennifer Aniston, Jordin Sparks, Freida Pinto, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba and many more!!


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