Kim Kardashian Most Searched Person & Topic on Bing in 2010


Bing, Microsoft’s decision engine, has just released a list of 2010’s most popular search trends on

In 2009, saw Michael Jackson in the #1 slot, falling to #11 this year, along with topical items like Swine Flu and Stock Market also in the top 10. This year, however, the tables have turned with 2010 reflecting the growing appetite for celebrity news.

This year’s #1 searched for topic on was Kim Kardashian, who won top searched in a landslide – with 20% more searches than #2 Sandra Bullock. The only repeat top 10 searched item was Kate Gosselin (last year’s #8) – although this year she appeared alone – minus Jon. The struggling economy is also reflected in this year’s top searches, with discount retailer Wal-Mart and the topic “free” appearing in the top 10.

Here is the complete list:

Most Popular People Searched in 2010 on

1. Kim Kardashian

2. Sandra Bullock

3. Tiger Woods

4. Lady Gaga

5. Barack Obama

6. Kate Gosselin

7. Justin Bieber

8. Jesse James

9. Lindsay Lohan

10. Jennifer Aniston

11. Michael Jackson

Most Popular Overall 2010 Searches on

Kim Kardashian

Sandra Bullock

Tiger Woods

Lady Gaga

Barack Obama


Kate Gosselin


Justin Bieber



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