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People Claim They Saw Martin Luther King Jr. Give Speech On Monday (Video)

The late night show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" asked 14 people yesterday if they had seen Martin Luther King Jr. give a speech that morning on Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Amazingly, seven out of 14 said they did see the speech on Jan. 19 (video below) even though Dr. King was slain in 1968.

According to, one man (pictured) agreed that Dr. King had gained weight and advised, “24 Hour Fitness doctor, is all I could say ... You need to hit the treadmill and cardio."

In a more inspiring segment, Democracy Now aired a real speech (video below) by Dr. King from Dec. 7, 1964, that was recently rediscovered by Pacifica Radio.

This London speech is notable because Dr. King spoke out against apartheid in South Africa. The speech was given only days before he became the youngest person to ever be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.

Sources:, Democracy Now
Image Credit: ABC-TV Screenshot


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