People Agree to Revealing Nude Body Scan to Enter Candy Store (Prank Video)

Magician and mentalist Rich Ferguson recently stood outside a candy store in San Luis Obispo, Calif. with a body scanner and told shoppers they would have to submit to a scanning if they wanted to enter.

Ferguson wrote on YouTube (video below):

We set up this prank downtown San Luis Obispo with a real body wand, hidden microphones and cameras. The goal was to see how far we could take this scanning and if people would let us! To our surprise, most people didn't put up much of a fight and went along with the person ahead of them in line... which was our plant that we actual scanned again and again.

The "plant" was a female model (pictured) from the California company Coming Attractions.

Some people in line tried to let the model know that the scanner showed a good deal of her body in the scanning image, while others leered in to see the scan.

Some people in the video (below) refused to be scanned, but many did agree to be scanned (at the 4:00 mark).

In a similar experiment, the conspiracy website InfoWars.com commissioned an online poll by Harris Interactive to see how far Americans would submit to an invasive TSA search at the airport.

The poll asked 2059 American adults the question: “Given the recent reports concerning the threat posed by terrorists who plan to implant bombs within their own bodies, how willing, if at all, would you be to undergo a TSA body cavity search in order to fly?”

According to InfoWars.com, 30 percent were “willing” or “somewhat willing” to undergo a cavity search, while 57 percent were "completely” or “somewhat unwilling,” and 13 percent didn't know.

Sources: RichFerguson.com, InfoWars.com, YouTube



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