Penn Badgley Opens Up About Working with Ex Blake Lively

Penn Badgley did an interview with Elle Magazine recently where he discussed what it was like working with ex-girlfriend Blake Lively after she got married to Ryan Reynolds.

"We were ultimately professional but no, I didn't send a wedding gift," he said.

When he was asked if women expected him to be sensitive like his Gossip Girl character was, he said some do.

"Some expect me to be sensitive. But the kind of women I'm interested in - they're smart enough to not expect me to be Dan. In fact, they probably didn't watch the show," he said.

He also talked about taking advantage of his Gossip Girl fame.

"I've had some fun nights. But I learned early on that stuff is never satisfying in the end. There's a reason the French call the moment of orgasm la petite mort, 'the little death.' No matter how good that moment was, the moment after is always revealing," he said.

Badgley said being in a relationship as a celebrity is difficult.

"As an actor, being in a relationship you have this opportunity o have something really exceptional, because you don't have a regimented schedule or lifestyle. But then it can also be very warped. You have on-camera romances, which ordinarily, I don't have a problem with. There are complications being an object of attention. I've found it's a double-edged sword. But I'm happy to wield it."

Source: ICYDK


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