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Pee-Wee Herman on 'Dancing With the Stars?'

Pee-Wee Herman (aka Paul Reubens) recently told E! Online that he's ready to go on 'Dancing With the Stars' after supporting his friend and current contestant David Arquette: "I hope to be dancing myself on 'Dancing With the Stars' next season!

That's why I'm there all the time, to get my face up there. Trying to butter up the producers and everything. Jury's out, I haven't heard yet."

The wacky child-man also expressed interest in having the Kardashian family appear in his next movie. Apparently, he's been spending time with them in the 'Dancing With the Stars' audience.

Pee-Wee is not the only comic who wants to cut the rug. Roseanne Barr told XoJane: "I really wanna do that show. My hips are bad.  think I need a hip replacement. That's why I can't do that 'Dancing with the Stars' shit."

Do you want to see Pee-Wee Herman on 'Dancing with the Stars' or would he ruin it with his goofball antics?


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