"Boardwalk Empire" Star Paz De La Huerta Arrested for Assault


Boardwalk Empire starlet Paz De La Huerta can’t seem to lay off the booze! Apparently she got into a bit of an altercation last night, which ended with Paz getting arrested!

Reportedly, the actress threw a glass at Samantha Swetra at a party in NYC last night, then she proceeded to hit her in the face. Paz was said to be hitting on Samantha’s guy friend and Samantha got defensive and made marks about Paz’s level of intoxication.

Paz didn’t take too kindly to the remarks and got mad and threw the glass at her and punched her in the face. Paz was escorted out by security guards while Samantha picked out shards of glass out of her leg.

Samantha filed a police report and Paz is scheduled to appear in court on April 18th.

God, is this girl known in the media for anything besides being a drunk???


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