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Gang Attacks Paul McCartney Tour Bus: Singer "Shaken Up"

Sir Paul McCartney has been left "shaken up"after a gang attacked his tour bus. The 67-year-old star had to be rescued by police in Mexico after the youths surrounded his vehicle and jumped up and down on the roof after a concert at the Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City on Saturday, May 29.

A source said: "At first his security team thought it was just swarms of fans but when people started scaling the bus, the situation changed in a flash. Paul and the team were shaken up."

According to reports, the troublemakers left the scene as soon as they heard police sirens. The singer’s management team are now reviewing his security. Paul recently admitted he is happy to carry the "weight" of fame.

He said: "Fame can get pretty annoying, but now I have rules, I’ve finally grown up, and finally realised I’ve got rights. I’m happy to talk to people on a one-to-one human basis, but the minute they turn me into this celebrity that I’m pretending not to be for that minute, I sort of say, no, I’m not going to do that. I will just go shopping or go to the movies on my own, and I like that. It is very much a balancing part of my life."


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