Pastor Cody Coots Dances With Rattlesnake That Killed His Father (Video)

Reality star Cody Coots danced with and held the same rattlesnake that killed his father Saturday, vowing not to seek treatment if it bit him.

Coots and his father were featured on National Geographic’s reality series “Snake Salvation”, where Pastor James Coots often handled a snake during service. Coots was a strong believer in the Bible passage that suggested God’s believers couldn’t be harmed by snakebites.

The younger Coots has apparently taken over his father’s job at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name in Kentucky, where he carries on his father’s tradition.

“He believed in it enough he died for it,” Coots said, “so I won't step down for anyone."

Coots added that since it’s God’s will, the tradition of handling snakes is good enough to live by and die by.

Though some have dismissed the Coots family as extremists, Jeffrey Weiss of the Religious News Service put forth an explanation for their behavior.

“Any religion is, by definition, crazy to a nonbeliever," Weiss explained. "Is it crazier to believe that the creator of the universe had a son who is somehow also him … or that he would protect his faithful believers from the effects of snake venom?"

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Sources: The Huffington Post, Christian Post


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