Parody: Kim Kardashian Calls Beyonce

Now that Kim Kardashian is pregnant, does that mean Kanye’s best friend’s Jay-Z and Beyonce will finally accept her into their inner circle? Maybe Jay-Z will be asked to be the baby’s godfather?

There have been a couple of Beyonce and Kim sightings but they have been few and far between.

We found a text of Kim telling Beyonce the big news.  Of course, the text is  fake but funny anyway.  We also happened upon a video that is hysterical.  

In the video Beyonce  is overheard calling Kim Kardashian a ho.  We also hear Kim trying to make plans with the singer but Beyonce is having none of it.  And for the record,  the only people allowed to call Beyonce by her nickname, “Bey” are her close friends.

Clearly the video of the phone call is fake, but worth a listen to.


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