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Paris Jackson's Tumblr Filled With Pictures Of Cutting and Suicide (Report)

Paris Jackson is still undergoing treatment for an alleged suicide attempt earlier this month. On June 5, Jackson allegedly tried to commit suicide by swallowing 20 Motrin pills and cutting herself with a kitchen knife. Now, pictures are surfacing from Jackson's Tumblr account showing cutting, suicides and death.

"Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn't the first time," a source told TMZ. The scar from her suicide attempt is said to be "horrifying."

Shortly before the reported suicide attempt, Jackson posted pictures of girls cutting themselves with captions like "I f---ing hate myself," "Suicide slice here," and "I can't feel anything but sadness." There is also a picture of a piece of paper that reads "Why did you try to kill yourself?" "You told me to be happy."

Jackson is said to be doing better, but will remain in treatment for the foreseeable future.

"Paris will be staying at least another week, and then she'll be going to a facility for additional care," a source told People Magazine.


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