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Paris Jackson Learned Her And Her Brother Prince Did Not Have The Same Biological Father Shortly Before Alleged Suicide Attempt (Report)

Paris Jackson is still in the hospital recovering from her alleged suicide attempt and more details are leaking out including a shocking revelation. According to the London Sun, Paris found out that her and her older brother, Prince did not share the same biological father.

“Paris has always wanted to believe Michael was her dad, but was aware that wasn’t really the case," a source told the London Sun. “She was convinced her and Prince were full siblings. She always idolized him. Hearing she wasn’t started a downward spiral.”

The revelation that Prince and Paris are not full siblings reportedly set off a string of arguments between the two and plunged paris into a deeper depression leading up to the alleged suicide attempt.

Paris is now recovering from that attempt in the same hospital where her father, Michael Jackson, passed away.


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