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Paris Hilton Was Going to Hide Drugs Where?!

Gossip Web site Ian Undercover is reporting that Paris Hilton intended to hide cocaine in her... lady-parts. When she and boyfriend (or ex - depending on what gossip sites you're reading) Cy Waits were pulled over by police, Paris asked if she could use the bathroom.

She also asked the arresting officer if he could let her get her lip balm out of her purse. That's when the officer spotted the bindle of cocaine in Paris' bag.

A close friend of Paris claims the lip balm-bathroom story was a ruse: Paris intended to grab the bindle of coke and take it to the bathroom with her, where she would put it into her, uh, downstairs area. According to this friend, Paris has done this before. She usually uses a lubricated condom, into which she puts the bag of cocaine before inserting it into her nether regions. She does this to outsmart airport security.

Ian Undercover's source, who calls herself "Caroline," says, "Paris is not as dumb as she seems. She’s one of the most clever and manipulative people one can ever meet. Paris travels all over the world and parties like a rockstar. I love her but she definitely needs professional help. It’s time she looks at herself in the mirror and realizes she’s not 21 anymore.”


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