Video: Paris Hilton Talks Sex Tape, Mom Cries


Paris Hilton were interviewed on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight‘ with her mother when they decided to talk about the infamous sex tape that was released in 2004.

Paris’ mother is a better actress.

“I just felt so betrayed, this was not some random guy, this was someone I was with for a few years,” Hilton said of her ex-boyfriend Rick Soloman, who sold the intimate tape of the heiress.

“Now when people look at me, they think I’m something I’m not, just because of one incident one night, with someone I was in love with.”

“I’ll have to live with that for the rest of my life and explain it to my children,” Hilton continued, while Kathy, sitting next to her, gets visibly upset. “It’s something that changed my life forever.”

Hilton is currently making the publicity rounds to talk about her new Oxygen reality show, ‘The World According to Paris,’ which premieres June 1st. Nothing promotes a new television show like a healthy dose of family drama.

Paris, we don’t care about your sex tape anymore.


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