Paris Hilton Cries After Barbara Walters Slams Her in Interview


It's finally happening. That horrific screech you hear is the realization by Paris Hilton that her grip on any kind of fame is slipping through her witch like fingers, that no one likes her, cares about her, or will spend any of their precious television time watching her. Do you realize that the premiere of her new reality show last week was so bad that an Aubrey O' Day reality show had 50% more viewers. This is despite Paris exploiting Brooke Mueller and doing way more publicity than Aubrey did.

To make things even better for those of us who despise her, Paris went on The View and instead of a bunch of softball questions, was asked by Barbara Walters why Paris only showed herself drinking, clubbing, partying and complaining about her community service when she at one point said she wanted to spend her life doing charity work. Well, Paris thought they were the meanest questions ever and cried and ran to her mommy and daddy who were also at the taping.

We have had years and years of Paris and the end should have been after the failure of her BFF shows, but at least the end is here now. Hopefully the Kardashians will soon follow in her wake.


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