Paris Hilton Hit With $35M Suit Over Hair Extensions


Oh, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. Paris Hilton is being sued for breach of contract by a hair extension maker she once represented, accusing her of wearing a rival company’s product.

Hairtech International Inc. is suing Hilton for a cool $35 million in damages, claiming she breached her contract to wear and promote their product.

Hilton was reportedly paid $3.5 million to wear Dream Catcher Hair Extensions while out partying – permanently then!

The filing also claims Hilton missed a 2007 launch party for the product, because she was doing bird in the slammer.

The company claims it lost $6.6 million on the launch party, and cites Hilton’s partying as being contrary to their marketing campaign.

The lawsuit states: “Paris Hilton is an individual celebrity who committed fraud and deceit as well as breaching all agreements by failing to abide by the law, failing to do appearances, failing to wear the Plaintiff’s hair extensions or otherwise fulfill her end of the agreements despite being paid in excess of approximately $3,500,000 in licensing and endorsement fees.”

No word as yet from Hilton’s reps.

Now that’s what you call a hairy situation!


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