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Paris Hilton Banned From Wynn Resorts

In some very good news announced today, Wynn resorts spokesperson Jennifer Dunne announced that Paris Hilton has been banned from all Wynn resorts. You know, you really have to admire Steve Wynn and his company for this. They could have just pretended none of this had happened and that a celebrity was special, but they have not. They fired her boyfriend Cy Waits from his job, or, as they said, "separated" him from his job.

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Plus, they don't want to be associated with someone that brought coke onto their property. Sure, lots of people probably bring coke onto Wynn property, and if they are caught, they are probably banned too. A casino does not want to do anything to endanger its license to operate. Plus, everyone knows Paris was at The Wynn when this happened.


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