Parents Television Council Upset Over F-Word on 'Modern Family'

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If you haven’t seenModern Family’sepisode from last night, January 18, 2012, where Lily (pictured, left) drops the f-bomb on several occasions, it  is definitely a must see episode!

According to the tabloids, there is controversy surrounding the episode because Lily, who is only 2, dropped the f-bomb – more than once.  Like most parents, Cam and Mitchell think they are hearing things and say, “Maybe she’s saying ‘truck’ or ‘duck’ or ‘luck.’   With the final expletive being at a wedding, where Lily is the flower girl.   The fact that she is also wearing a light up flower girl and the outright mocking of the ‘wedding party’ is laugh out loud funny.

Coached to say ‘fudge’ during taping, the final bleeped-out curses drew ire from advocacy groups including the Parents Television Council.   The PTC thinks the more we hear the word, the more acceptable it will be to hear.  We may become more desensitized to the word but acceptable?   I doubt the f-bomb will ever be considered acceptable among children, as it is barrrrrely acceptable among adults.

In my opinion, the controversy is ridiculous.  The acting was outstanding and realistic.  Has any parent ever laughed when their child has said or done something that really makes you want to just crawl in a hole?   Most couples have the one parent that can hold it together (not me) and the one parent that has to walk out of the room (that would be me) because they too are laughing – usually from the shock of what just came out of their precious darling’s mouths.

If a sitcom being realistic causes controversy then I say bring it on because to me the reality of the situation was laugh out loud funny!!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think?  Funny or not something you want to see on television?


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