Parents Television Council Files Complaint Over 'X Factor' Flasher

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According to, the advocacy group PTC (Parents Television Council) has filed a formal indecency complaint with the FCC against the 'The X Factor' for airing Geo Godley's indecent exposure-singing routine.

PTC President Tim Winters said in a statement: "The prolonged, previously videotaped footage of a contestant dancing nude on the 'X Factor' stage represents a conscious decision by the producers – with the approval of the network's broadcast standards department -- to intentionally air this content in front of millions of families during hours when they knew full well that children would be watching,"

The complaint focuses on the fact that 'The X Factor' was billed as family-friendly viewing.  "Families were led to believe 'The X Factor' would be family-friendly viewing and were then assaulted by graphic nudity," the PTC complaint reads.

Although the FCC's ability to enforce decency standards is currently being litigated in the courts, the PTC is requesting that all Fox affiliates that aired the show be levied with "a Notice of Apparent Liability."


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