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Parents Television Council Accuses Cartoons of Sex, Drugs and Profanity

The PTC (Parents Television Council), a conservative media watchdog group, released a study on Tuesday criticizing broadcasters of cartoons for their sexual, drug-promoting, foul language-filled broadcasts.

The PTC study, 'Cartoons Are No Laughing Matter: Sex, Drugs and Profanity on Primetime Animated Programs,' noted incidents of what the organization calls “inappropriate content” from the Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Disney Channel and Nick At Nite.

The PTC claims that these programs "enable today's youth to dismiss risky behavior and attitudes, to belittle parents' concerns and to disparage threats to our nation's public health and safety."

The PTC said that they found 377 instances of sexual references and conduct, including scenes in 'Family Guy' where an old man punched his penis while watching porn and a bumper sticker that read: 'My Other Penis Is A Vagina.'

The PTC also pointed to a scene on ‘King of the Hill’ in which Hank Hill grills hamburgers while nude. They also cited an ‘American Dad’ character who says, "No, look, I'm a sex offender. I love offensive sex. I offend people with the sex I have. That's who I am. And that's who I'll always be."

The PTC said that they found 565 incidents of "sexual slang or misogynistic language.” To solve this problem, the PTC advocates the ability for subscribers to choose which channels they want to receive, while not paying for or supporting other broadcasters.


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