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Pamela Anderson to Play the Virgin Mary

Sweet Jesus we did not see that one coming. Pamela Anderson brings porn and Playboy to mind when people think of her, not to mention her ginormous rack. So to think of her in the Virgin Mary role is quite a stretch, isn't it? But you know what? Pammy can laugh at herself and she's in on the joke!

Of coursePamela Anderson playing her for a Christmas TV Show has to be a joke right? Well it is. It's for the Comedy Network and CTV's 'A Russell Peters' Christmas Special. If you don't know who Russell Peters is, he is a very funny Canadian comedian (and kind of sexy if you ask me).

The one hour special will hit your television December 1st and we will get to see Pamela Anderson with Russell Peters in the Nativity Scene sketch. 

Fellow Canadians Michael Buble and Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall) will be on the show along with Ted Lange (The Love Boat) and Jon Lovitz. 

Will you be watching?


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